Tampa Bay's  Only All Organic Fertilizer Service

My Organic Turf is the Tampa Bay area’s only all organic lawn and garden fertilizer application service. We provide lawn and garden treatments to restore the nutritional balance that lacks in your turf, ornamentals, shrubs, and flowers.  Our proprietary organic fertilizers provide your lawn and plants with the micro-nutrients needed to speed up the decomposition rate of existing thatch and unlock the nutrients found naturally in your lawn’s soil.  While reducing the need for insecticides and herbicides, My Organic Turf’s organic fertilizer application services help maintain a natural healthy lawn and garden.

Our organic lawn and garden fertilizer maximizes your turf’s health making it less susceptible to insects, critters, and disease, while still being 100% eco-friendly. Each application is tailored to your lawn’s phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and lime requirements. Our all natural fertilizers feed grass to crowd out future weeds while giving it a healthier, lusher look.

My Organic Turf is the nation’s leading chemical-free organic lawn fertilizer service. Our commitment to environmental stewardship makes us the top choice for green residential and commercial fertilizer application.

It's More Than Just Fertilizer- It's Peace Of Mind.

is your Lawn one with nature? let us help.