Shrubs and Ornamentals:
Our organically blended liquid shrub and ornamental fertilizer will keep your garden growing healthy and lessen the probability of insect and disease problems. My Organic Turf's fertilizer is made of carefully selected ingredients that offer the best source of organic nutrition for your plants. This custom blended formula will protect your plants and help keep them healthy in order to fight off infestations and disease. Our shrub and ornamental fertilizer provides nutrients plants need to be properly fed for growth and color.                                                   

-Starting at just $30.00 per application

Lawn and Turf :
My Organic Turf’s lawn and garden fertilizer applications are the foundation of a healthy, dense yard. Our proprietary blend is 100% environmentally friendly, safe for people and pets and rich in essential nutrients which promote root growth. We've created an all-natural blend of organic turf and garden fertilizer full of macro and micro-nutrients, trace elements, vitamins and minerals that will help your yard's soil eliminate weeds and fight off diseases and insects.                                     

-Starting at just $35.00 per application

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Trees and Palms:
There's nothing more sacred in the Florida landscape than our area's majestic palms and beautiful oaks. That's why we're so proud of our all- natural tree and palm fertilizer. Each fertilization application is chock full of micro-nutrients, amino acids, and vitamins essential to the area's soil needs. Our proprietary blend of organic fertilizer is designed specifically to stimulate cell division and create a stronger root system.

-Starting at just $30.00 Per application


100% Environmentally Friendly​