My Organic Turf was founded on the concept of providing homeowners and businesses with a natural alternative to abrasive fertilizers that harm the environment. Our goal is to improve the quality of life in the communities in which we live and serve by protecting our watershed and soils from toxic fertilizers that poison our planet.

Our mixtures of all natural bio-degradable rich organic fertilizers do not cause environmental pollution like other fertilizer application services. Chemical fertilizers contaminate both the land and water, which is a major cause of diseases for human beings and is believed to be in part responsible for the extinction of a number of plant and insect species affecting the planet today.



Is your home at one with nature? LET US help.

My Organic Turf is Tampa Bay's leading 100% all organic fertilizer applicator service. Our natural chemical-free lawn, turf, ornamental, flower and shrub fertilizers are tailored for each customer’s lawn and garden. We understand that each customer’s garden is a microclimate in itself and must be treated and cared for in an individualized basis.   

Use of these organic fertilizers ensures that the food items produced are free of harmful chemicals. As a result, the end consumers who eat these organic products are less prone to diseases such as cancer, strokes, and skin disorders, as compared to those who consume food items produced using chemical fertilizers.